ESCC Education provides FREE guidance and assistance to students to study abroad. We counsel and assist you to make informed choices on courses and universities that best match your academic ability, career goals and desired location, and also, help you with the application and visa processes. ESCC Education has professional and experienced staff members and OVER 60 institution partners worldwide for students to chose from.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us? E - Excellence in all we do
S - Success is our goal
C - Courtesy in the way we treat our clients, partners and staff
C - Caring; we take every step with you, till you reach your goal

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Our FREE Services

Our FREE Services * Choice of University/ College
* Choice of Course of Study
* Application Processing
* Visa Application and Interviews
* Cost of living and Studying Abroad
* Pre-departure Briefings

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Universities In-Country Offices

Universities In-Country Offices As the licenced and official representatives of overseas universities, in the UK, USA and Canada, the ESCC Education offices in Nigeria hosts in-country offices for some of the most prestigious universities worldwide.

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